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STEP 1: Ship bird completely frozen.Double wrap the bird in 2 tied trashbags or ziplock bags. If the mail carrier finds a leaky package they will throw it away, so make sure it is unable to leak. 

STEP 2: Ship in box two sizes bigger than bird. Put crumbled up newspaper in box, kinda try to make a nest for the bird. You do not need to add dry ice, ice packs, or ship in a cooler, etc.

STEP 3: Put the bird in the nest and fill the box the rest of the way with crumbled newspaper. The bird does not need to move around alot.

STEP 4: Print off and fill out your Taxidermy Client Form and Federal Migratory Bird Tag  ( 1 tag for each bird ). Place papaers and tag in box with bird(s). Also in box please include picture of live bird for me to use for reference when mounting your bird. (Please make it the same species as your bird and NO photos of someone else's mounts. ONLY live bird pictures.( You can find pictures on the internet or take them, etc.)).

STEP 5: Tape box really well on ALL edges and corners to prevent any leaking.

STEP 6: On the outside of box write PERISHABLE and type of bird and how many.

STEP 7: Ship 2 DAY shipping on a Monday or Tuesday and make sure NO signature is required upon delivery. 

STEP 8: Make sure to contact me to get shipping address and to let me know so i can expect the delivery.


Form and Tag are linked above or are below.

CLIENT TAXIDERMY FORM                                            MIGRATORY BIRD TAG

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